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FOX WEB ART Profile Id: 108913    23-Aug-2016
Title:   webdesign and development
Name:   FOX WEB ART (Website Designer)
Location:   Mumbai - maharastra - India
Website Design  
  • Website Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Seo
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain
  • Wordpress

Dear Patron ,

I prefer type of work - Part-Time Basis. Expecting remuneration in terms of Project Cost of appx. Rs.Negotiable Per Assignment.

My Skill - We can help u with all web solutions along with the highest quality available..

My prefered location for assignment - Anywhere, Agra, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Delhi, Nagpur, Noida, Patna, Surat, Tamil Nadu

I as a company deals in - We can help u with all web solutions along with the highest quality available. .

Jobs handled -

OUR COMPANY PROFILE Fox Web Art is a professional Website designing and development company located in Mumbai, Delhi, India. We have over 5 years of experience in web designing and web development. Fox Web Art is dedicated to provide web based solutions to small and large sized businesses. We have wide range of clients across India. We specialize in website design & development, web hosting, and web marketing, ecommerce, multimedia solutions, graphic and logo design. We build web sites which will enhance your business.

Our commitment to our customers includes constantly working to improve our companys customer service and to ensure we are offering them the products and services they need to succeed on the Internet. We will work with our customers to address their needs and help them in any way possible. We have an expertise to understand the clients requirements and work accordingly and provide the excellent quality Web designs which can enhance the opportunities for our customers to get succeed.

Our Mission

The internet now hosts billions of web sites scattered everywhere on the earth. Creative thought and finesse are required to plow through the fields of nonsense in cyberspace. Fox Web Art incorporates clarity of design with imaginative language to raise our client’s sites to the top of the search engine responses.

Many web designers are overly excited by the gimcracks and geegaws of internet design. They employ Flash type graphics and IT gimmicks that can cause a web site to open very slowly, crash computer systems. Many older computers simply cannot read these programs. The savvy web surfer has no patience for this sluggishness, especially since experience has shown that the result usually does not pay off, and the surfer instantly clicks to another choice from the millions of options. Using HTML/XHTML, CSS, and optimized graphics and scripts, Fox Web Art web sites that load quickly and navigate efficiently.

On the other hand, everybody seems to have a friend "who can design your website." Your friend is going to design something in free templates and flashing something, no metainformation, and crappy search engine optimization at best. The Googlebots not going to like that. And, if you are trying to be professional is that what you want to present to the world? Uhuh. Friends dont let friends design websites.

Fox Web Art motivates its team in such a way that they use their talent to provide a comprehensive program for smart and passionate internet design.

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